Mark Redhead

Clear and concise Russian to English translations that you can trust.

About me

I’m Mark Redhead and I specialise in translating complex Russian legal documents into comprehensible English, helping my clients to bridge cultural and linguistic gaps while preserving the nuances and ambiguities of the source documents. My mission is to provide lawyers with the clear and accurate English translations they require in order to manage their matters effectively.


Legal translation is more than just word-for-word conversion. It requires a meticulous process of understanding the source text and conveying that information in a manner that ensures the words, meaning, and context remain intact.

Why choose me?


Having spent over 15 years translating Russian legal documents, I’ve honed my skills to convert complex texts into clear and actionable content.

Legal background

Having studied law to degree level, I’m able to understand and translate the meaning and context behind words.

Client-centric approach

I appreciate the tight deadlines that my clients face and am committed to meeting them without compromising on quality.


"I regularly use Mark's services in cross-jurisdictional criminal and extradition matters, and I especially appreciate the speed and very high quality of the English translations he provides"

Rebecca Niblock
Partner, Kingsley Napley LLP

“As a specialist legal and financial translation company assisting international law firms on their complex cross-border cases, we really appreciate the quality of the work that Mark has been delivering to us over several years. We are happy to have him on our team and value his expertise and work ethic.”

Katerina Burgess
Director, Eurasian Linguistics

"I have relied on Mark's translations for many years, and they are of the very highest quality"

Sadat Sayeed, 
Barrister, ​Garden Court Chambers

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